Spacehouse Studio, constructed in 1998 as a purpose built music studio for various projects of IT’s Nick Jackson, also gained respect and use as an ideal creative space by others.

With requests growing, in 2006 Spacehouse expanded with the addition of a separate control room for audio recording. However, the refurb of Spacehouse included much more than an audio recording studio. It also became multi-media, incorporating audio, video, photography and dance. 

As a state of the art recording studio with the latest audio recording gear, it also includes a selection of screens for filming, go pros and lights. Used extensively by you-tubers and music video creation, Spacehouse held its first live band performance in 2019, and in the autumn of 2020 held its first live music broadcast, incorporating its audio and video platforms in a single project. 

Spacehouse offers the ideal space for small to medium size projects. A modular large performance room can accommodate almost any set up. It faces a sound-insulated separate control room. With one mirrored wall, it is a proven ideal rehearsal space for smaller dance and choreographic rehearsals. 

Spacehouse Studio is located in Harrow, North West London, a quiet leafy suburb not far from mainline Harrow and Wealdstone Station.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone.